Reviews for ".:Stairway_To_Heaven.(DnB):."

wow nice remix

you did the remix really good not bad at all nice work bro

yeee yeeee

Fantastic work. I think it would be a little better if you had maybe a punchier kick. You should boost some of the upper frequencies in the drum track so it sounds less muddy and doesn't fight the bass tracks- where the true lower frequencies should lie. But it's still a great track and i won't let my minor criticisms take away from a 10/10.


A great cover of this song. I think even a die-hard Zeppelin fan could respect this. I especially like the riff that comes in around 1:19. Fucking awesome dude.


Love both the original and the more technologically savvy version as well! It's very weird how history can be revived in this manner!

Absolutely love it!

This is effing amazing. And I'm glad you're willing to take a chance at pissing people off, because honestly this is a work of art. Everything about the original song is perfectly fused with this masterpiece. Nicely done.

Also, I'm starting to become a huge fan of your work.