Reviews for "Preparing For War"

Totally war like. But not violent.

I don't know how u did it but its war! but not violent.

title really sums it up

for real...your work is EPIC.
Your naming of it is really fitting.
I have loved everything you've produced so far,and I'm definitely going to be mashing F5 for your work as soon as its out.
5/5,10/10.You've truly earned it.

Rukkus responds:

Haha. Thanks for the awesome review. I'm really glad you enjoy my work.


nice again!

A Perfect Feel.....

This is a very nice piece with a wonderful epic feeling.
Despite the fact that this is your first classical piece, you were able to capture the "hero-like" feeling that all great epics have.

All in all, I'm very pleased.

I'm a bit awed over.

This is...... MUSIC!!!! It's rare to find A newgrounder with good music, but i beleive i've found one. In my mind i picture a Great war, arrows flying, swords slicing dicing, the clatter of chain-mail armor being slashed and flying apart, A great war... This is one of the 7 songs i'm going to use in my movie. There are 2 songs that i'm going to use in the great war part of the movie. This, and under fire. I'm very happy how your peice turned out. A sure fire, 100000/10