Reviews for "Preparing For War"

the best song ever ;)

one of the songs on new grounds i have heard in my 5 years of being here. you sir are truely a talented artist keep up the good work

Great job!

Great job with the orchestral instruments slowly building up in the background. I liked it when the song begin slowly and started building up giving you the imagination of the atmosphere for a nation preparing for war. Awesome job and keep up the great work! 10/10 5/5


Just in General a very well made song

I'm a bit awed over.

This is...... MUSIC!!!! It's rare to find A newgrounder with good music, but i beleive i've found one. In my mind i picture a Great war, arrows flying, swords slicing dicing, the clatter of chain-mail armor being slashed and flying apart, A great war... This is one of the 7 songs i'm going to use in my movie. There are 2 songs that i'm going to use in the great war part of the movie. This, and under fire. I'm very happy how your peice turned out. A sure fire, 100000/10