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Reviews for "Act II: Scene One"

Surely you could make this Andriod Downloadable? please sir? this music is brilliant beyond any comprehention and i would love to have this as my life goes i want this brillaints to lighten things up.

i gotta say... it was absolutely breath taking you sir, are an artist.


this guy won all of it

Cleverly titled.

If I remember correctly, act 2 scene 1 is the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, isn't it? It's beautifully put together, the piano melody is fantastic, the guitar sounds brilliant, love how much effort that has gone into this. It fits perfectly with the animation it was used in, but it certainly stands up by itself as a standalone piece of music.

Its been a while since I've seen a song of this quality on the audio portal. People like you are the reason I've learned to play the guitar. Not big name bands from the 80s, NG Audio portal users, small, local YouTubers, and other smaller names. Although, quite frankly, this deserves far more than what its been given. Amazing score for a beautifully made animation, you have really truly done an excellent job here.

Thank you for posting this here.

Again, this is just simply brilliant. Excellent composition here.


I first heard this song in the dragon love story animation. as i watched it i was like. i MUST here this song!! amazing score!!