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Reviews for "Elk's Deathwing"


There are no words to describe the absolute FANTASTICNESS of this piece. You have no idea. Congrats on getting your stuff together. LIfe can be very hard. And this piece shows the amount of dedication you have to art. Holy crap every square pixel (hehe) is perfect. I seriously can't find ONE thing wrong with it. It's seriously one of the best pieces of work I've ever seen. Holy jesus a thousand times kudos! Congrats on being totally awesome :D

It hurts...

...it hurts to turn away from something so epic to type how amazing this is right now (I'm looking back up on it as I'm typing). The reflection of heat bouncing from the magmas and flame is something I got to take note of. Deathwing itself is an awe, I applaud your endurance.

Pixel Art just got badass...

Well, holy crap. You know, at first glance, this looks like a digital painting? As in, pretty damn good, but for 410 hours? I would have expected something more along the lines of 40. Because digital painting is pretty fuck-easy like that (once you learn, of course).

Then I took a closer look at, well, pixel art? Seriously, Pixel Art? And then suddenly everything made sense.

I wouldn't worry about the people at NG picking you at on the ever-so-minor flaws. we're not exactly high-brow art enthusiasts. But seriously, great work, and a damn fine story behind it, too! The shear amount of texture, and colour management, is seriously nothing short of, well, fucking amazing!

Why the hell isn't Blizzard promoting this right now and promoting you for spending more time on their universe then most people spend on their games. Which includes me - I have no idea who this character is.

Brilliance, simply that, and I'm glad that you finally got it done, finally managed to share this with the world. And I'm glad to be one of the first on NG to see it, too :3

ElkDarkshire responds:

Thank you alot for your comment :)

Yeah, digital painting is easier, but I chose Pixelart because you have absolute control over every single pixel, and that makes pixelart so nice I think :)...

Of course, it's not always about super detailed goals and such...but this was my aim, to get to a really smooth result!