Reviews for "Neo Soundboard (Full v.)"


I tried prank-calling with this soundboard - u see, i know this Matrix geek and so i thought i could give him a call from Neo. He actually believed it. He told me about it in school the other day. Pretty cool, huh? But i kinda didn't have the heart to tell him I'd been fooling him. You all know how geeks are.

DreamExtreme responds:

hehe....NICE...but how could he talk about this the day after???? becuse i have only had this up for like 1-2 hours...


hehe.. this is good to make fun of people in phone, when they answer like:
u say with the soundboard who? haha... ive tried that with other soundboards =)


It's hard to believe this soundboard beat the score of one of my movies that got blammed...soundboards are overrated. Atleast try and make a small animation, there is no reason why you would want to submit soundboards.

only good neo soundboard

but it could be allot better you need famous quotes like "It ends tonight" from revolutions and you need things like "Hi" and other "combos" to make this prank call material :)