Reviews for "Gameboy vs Guitar 2"


Everything was fine dude
i dnt kno wat everyones problem with the drum is
its fine
it gives it sum more raw flavor u kno?
medium rare!

Tht was really sweet ndd it got really intense I Loved it

pheel responds:

It's nice to see how different people react to the same thing :)
I like to make it appeal to everyone, and it kind of shows.

Thanks very much mate :D glad you liked it

Started slow, but turned out great!

Hey man that was an excellent song. It started off slow and was a little difficult to get used to, but that quickly faded, especially right when you sped up. It sounded much better during the sped up part.

Great job man. Hey you should check out the song I released a couple weeks ago, the extended version of my earlier song Atari Sings. It's supposed to make you visualize what it would sound like if an Atari machine actually sang, whether through tv or a standing machine.

I liked it bro. 10/10 and 5/5

pheel responds:

I was seriously considering taking the start out.
I decided to keep it just as a basic intro.

I'll give it a listen when I get a sec mate :)
Thanks very much :D


I really like this song i think its better than your other stuff like,
Just dont like the crash/ride other wise would have give it a ten

pheel responds:

I don't have a good drum plugin.
I'll do some research :)


I likes it all apart from the drums.

pheel responds:

I can't find a decent drum VST
FCP will do for now :)
Thanks mate ;)