Reviews for "Gameboy vs Guitar 2"


Reminds me of "Guitar vs Piano". But this is great, too. I love it.

pheel responds:

I suppose I did take inspiration from Goukisan.
The whole "battle" music thing is a good idea I think.

Goukisan pulls it of better than me though :D

Thanks for reviewing :)


THAAT WAS GREAT IT SOUNDED AWESOMEEE I LIKE IT ITS NOW IN MY FAVSS!!!!! and just asking but what type of guitar did you use i wanna use it in one of my songss


pheel responds:

Thanks very much :D Glad you enjoyed it.

I used FL Slayer for the guitar. Useful little plug in ;)

Thatv was rocking man!

I've got to say this really was beewter than guitar vs gameboy three, but not in a way thats harsh to 3, because this really has some nice guitar work, what with the eastern scales, tapping and intermitent stops (kill swithing?). Any ways, this was just legend
Love & peace.

pheel responds:

Listening to 3 made me appriciate this one a lot more :P

Thanks very much mate :D

damn you ktv...

... i was gonna say Noiccceee

yeah, errr, twas good

i liked the drums aswell, and the begining was ok, just too long, rather than remove it, just shorten it

pheel responds:

Maybe it's because I've heard it a few times now but I'm starting to think the intro is a good length.

Maybe it's just me.
Thanks anyway :)


That transition at :47 or so was INTENSE! amazing. I like the constantly shifting melodies, kept it going well. I specially like 2:36 to the end. It was really moving. I dont see what the problem is with the drums... the chaotic rythems added to the song really well. good job

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :D
Glad you enjoyed it :)