Reviews for "Gameboy vs Guitar 2"


This is defiantly an epic battle. Very well made and very enjoyable to listen to. 5/5

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :)
Glad you liked it :D



pheel responds:

Thanks very much :D

sounds like...

huh, that song reminded me of the Guitar vs Piano song, the way it sounded, and i loved that sorta hip-hoppy (if thats even a word) beat that came in at around 23 seconds in. The only really "problem" with this song is that i couldnt hear the Game Boy, was it the sprta scratchy soundeng guitar or something? Anyway that doesnt matter, it still sounded great, 5/5 from me bro

pheel responds:

I did take a lot of inspiration from Goukisan for this :)

Thanks very much :D Glad you liked it


First word that comes to my mind when hearing this. The more I hear it, the less I "like" it. The idea was ok but the outcome is nothing special. Seriously, it let's me think of another generic guitar vs. piano shit song. The guitar isn't even a guitar, it's just a shitty eq'd if not even eq'd synth. Beeing a real guitarist, it hurts my ears. It's not even something to enjoy in the first place...

You...tried to get both things to sound as they were batteling but to me it was more or less random stuff that was programmed (not played) together. Drum beat was pretty simple as well, you could have altered that one more to get more varity into the song itself. The sound of the drums was very weak as well. A couple of better samples would have done the job here.

Overall...we have a song, not a very good one but at least better than other stuff around here.

pheel responds:

I appriciate your honest opinion :)

I know what you mean about Slayer. I'm a guitarist my self but as far as synthetic guitars go it is, unfortunately, one of the best around.

I have since making this found a much better drum plug in. I was considering re-releasing it with the new drum sound but I've just left it as is.

Thanks for the review :)

Simply amazing!

I love the hip hop back beat at 24 seconds, then adding the rock drum beat, genius work.

pheel responds:

Thank you :D
I'm glad you liked it :)