Reviews for "Gameboy vs Guitar 2"

freakin sweet

one of the best songs I have ever herd. You should make a game and put this song in it, its sweet

pheel responds:

Thank you very much :D
I would but I probably couldn't :P

You could though :) *hint hint* :P

Thanks for reviewing


This is pretty epic!
Its like being in a cave/dungeon in an RPG(RPG games RULE!), like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Golden Sun etc.
A lot improved over the 1st one (which was awesome) & gets better!
5/5, 10 Stars & added to favorites! =D


pheel responds:

Thanks very much :D
Tbh I hate the 1st one :/

Thanks for the scores and favourite :D

not so great

it's a cool idea but it's too repetetive

pheel responds:

Fair enough :)
Thanks for reviewing :D


love it

pheel responds:

Thanks :D
Glad you did :)


that sounded oddly like Guitar vs. Piano 0_o

pheel responds:

I'll take that as a compliment :)

Thanks for reviewing