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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"


Man this is the best movie ever on newgrounds, man you got some skill hope that brings you somewhere towards your future goal anyway, if anyone say different they diserve to get COC SMAKED by the WhYteDragon(JoeyLeonHeart(JoeyKun))as im also called lol so w/e Later man


let me start by saying that the guY that gave this thing a 0 has gotten 0/25 helpfulnessthings! lol! boy, that was some movie. really good animation, the stuff was funny, and the sound was clear. Good job in this video, and if your teacher gives this less tHAn a 100 show her these reviews!

Frickin sweet

Nice little spin on the FF series. I wish my school was like that. Fight my homework and get everything right lol.


Great animation and storyline. I like it.

The best ever

I don't think there's a better Final Fantasy parody that exists. It's the true labor of love of a real fan.