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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"


U have to make more! how could anyone not vate this a 5!? this is top 50 of all time material!

Wah! I want an "F F A+" !!!

Wah! Are you going to make a sequal? What I would give to see a sequal... but will you make one? This thing's a killer when it comes to humor. If you can make this as your FINAL for your Japanese class, then so can I for my class! Long live the school of FF!!

Mousekliks responds:

Sorry, I don't plan on making a sequal. If I did, I fear I would overuse old jokes and end up killing it. Besides, I'd rather not continue something I feel is complete.


This is just great!

I hate you users who...

say this is worse because it is in Japanese. Too lazy to read the subtitles today everybody? Another thing...This was done for a JAPANESE CLASS!! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN JAPANESE!! Enough of my ranting now. ^.^, Great movie, neat concept. I understood it, and I know nothing about Final Fantasy. That means you pulled off somethign I never thought could happen. I got something I've never heard of before, and learned it from a Flash movie.


Everyday ritual...

I watch this every time I come to NG. Excellent job.