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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"

Extremely well done!

Wow, I absolutely LOVED this movie. It had all the elements of a Final Fantasy in it but they were twisted around to reflect a school-setting. VERY NICE. The graphics were awesome, voice-overs were clear and audible, music was appropriate and appropriately enough from Final Fantasy, and the storyline was very creative. Great work! Keep it up and do more! ^^


That was awesome! The animation was smooth as hell, the humor was great, and it has such a high level of quality in it. The japanese voices really add a lot to it as well. Damnit this is really good. You did really good with the music as well, and I especially love the "Yahoo, I win!" jingle. Damn. Great work!

oober funny

It was really funny... Just on question though. What brought the idea?

the best damn thing i've seen for FF

this has got to be one of the best final fantasy shorts i've seen, and i'm a die hard fan of final fantasy and a critic on occasion, but this ROCKS!!! ^.^


Purely one of the best Final Fantasy Flashes out there...
I was amazed by the level of detail, and the quality of the drawings, sounds, and voices!