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Reviews for "Final Fantasy A+"


An absoulutley perfect movie.
I loved the Crap! I didn't save! part and also how Pensuke used a pencil.

Nice Job!

wow..... i dont usually give ....

i dont usually give 10s unless they are really good.. that was really good. eveything was perfect !!


I liked the animation, it was some great anime! This is just great! Deserving of #1!!!!!!

awesome job

that was amazing. i love how you incorporated school with FF. i hope you got a good grade on that.

John Su, I'm gonna scream like a bitchy fangirl.

Ignore the guys who criticize your interactivity. "A play button is all you had" my ass they didnt move the mouse around the bottom of the screen did they?

XDDDD you fired ryuu senseii!!