Reviews for "Wily's Wall"

Holy shit

That's alot. If it were a game then I'll buy it.

OMG 54 robot masters?!?!?

I always thought that megaman was a pussy because of his high, squeaky ass voice, but now, seeing the way you portraid these dumbfucks who get in his way, he's pretty badass. Like the artwork btw, keep it up man.

deviantART Worthy

This is one of the best pieces of art i've ever seen, and this might attract pretty well with the Magaman/Rockman Fans in deviantART.

I'm surly i loved the style of the drawing as well as any other fan would so maybe one day i'll be playing megaman9 for the Wiiware i'll be thinking about that cool fanart ever posted in Newgrounds.

NIddle man, Crash man, Drill man, and Spark man

Just cause they dont have hands, doesnt mean they cant kick your ass

Holy Sh**!

To say sh** just got real would be an understatement! Good Luck Megaman!