Reviews for "Newgrounds Sprite guys!"


Good But Forget about the last line

tom lol

why does everyone make fun of tom?

AlmightyHans responds:

because they all love him

It's Rated E for Everyone..

Because Tom's dick is for everyone!

I see the logic!

lol Awesome work man.


I like how you can see Tom's dick but this is rated E :P

Sweet piece, but...

Why didn't you make every member, character, and mascot related to this site? I am disappointed in you. This is a fatal flaw in your work. Naw, I kid, I kid. I can tell that it would take a LOT of time to make just one of these, let alone meet the standards that these people set for you. Nicely done sprites, I dig Swain's suit. 9/10.

AlmightyHans responds:

haha thanks! :D