Reviews for "Newgrounds Sprite guys!"


I get you a Tomar confused but you have evil man mustache and goatee!

Great Job

But you kinda forgot Wade.

And Tom's dick has way more girth than that.

AlmightyHans responds:

i didnt forget. i just got tired of drawing these. i didn't draw them in this order. theres a lot of people missing from the tank awards here, and little jim is only there cause i was talking to him online when i was making them

Next step: Bring them into battle!

Imagine a fighting game, battle of the Newgrounders? My god, can you imagine? Allow me to summarise: AWESOMESAUCERAINBOWEXPLOSION.

Aaaaaanyways, great stuff! :D

nice, nice

But how do you know how big tom's dick is?

AlmightyHans responds:

he showed me... for reference

No Yotam.