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Reviews for "Dimension X: Episode 5"


well it is pretty cool i guess. your people are pretty blocky though. You should try and smooth out the graphics. The explosions etc made some of it look crappy because they were better than most of the other animation. make it look good all around and you would be a good artist.

Regarding your story, it might be ok to have some dbz concepts in it like the flying and fighting or what not, but putting Goku into it cheesed it out.


For anyone who doesn't like DBZ fans, or DBZ all together, they can lick my hairy b@lls! That was one of the most original fight scenes I have EVER seen on New Grounds. Just because someone does a DBZ related flash, does not mean their work is not original, although they use mostly everything from it, their ideas on how to use it and mold it into a video like this, is what makes it original in its own way. Great job, now I am going to watch the previous 4 episodes.


You get 11 thumbs up! AND I ONLY HAVE TEN FINGERS! AND TWO THUMBS!!!!!!!!!!!


gee dragon ball z anyone?

animation wasn't to great, and I might as well go turn on cartoon network for that kind of crap. get some original ideas. seriously

Not too shabby....

but your sequencing/timing skills are way better than your drawing skills. I give it about a 4/5.


While I myself am not a big fan of DBZ, I thought what ya did here was very cool. Ya seemed to capture the fighting style and animation perfectly. The graphics were above par then what most flash artsits do, and the character movement was very smooth. Only problem I see with it is that maybe you borrowed too much from DBZ......perhaps make a few attacks that are different, or branch out from the whole "flying around doing karate and shooting beams" thing with other styles of attack.

Other then that, this was a very good flash movie, and you are a very talented author. It'll be good to see what you bring the to the portal in the future.