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Reviews for "Dimension X: Episode 5"

great shit

dude that shit kicked ass keep working at it


This was the best fight scene i have ever seen on newgrounds!!! almost every aspect of the fight scene brought a new affect. Extremely creative!! Definitley make more

A+++ work


At graphic level I wasn't at all impressed, everything was way too blocky and really well bad! I'm not judging on originality, it's pretty hard to find those around, but I agree with T_GConrholio guy, you're timing and animation sequencing is really good, which is why I gave you a 7 If not I would've given you a 5. You should work on your drawing skills, at least make it better. Everything else is pretty decent.

Kick Ass!

Go Goku!

Hey this is great man.

Well congrats on 5th place man!!! :D....Good luck on 6 man!!!