Reviews for "X.-Assyria-."

Holy Shit:D

Greatness, i would really love to see a big exstention on this and then i'll download it for sure:D I personally just dont like downloading incomplete songs and this is fr sure not complete;) Keep up the great work


XenoxX responds:

thanks very Much an I do plan on making a longer version.

Anyways thanks for the review!

XenoxX :)


I make short movies.
with pivot and then
post them on youtube
i downloaded and will give full ceredit to you.
if i (90% chance) use it.

this is completely amazing...

XenoxX responds:

Well thanks And I appreciate you using my song (As long as theirs credit it's all good)

Anyways thanks for the review!

XenoxX :)

Best Trance on Newgrounds!

Absolutely perfect!

XenoxX responds:

Thanks alot for the review. and I am glad you like it so much :)

XenoxX :):)


Makes me stand up and dance, loved it. Make more!!!


sickk. x]