Reviews for "Dragonforce"


Games of this quality I would expect to buy in a shop, nicely done

Good Shmup

It is a good SHMUP game. People compare this game to Raptor and Raiden but it doesn't make much sense. Those games were vertical while this was horizontal. This game is more similar to R-Type or Gradius. Keep up the good work.

WOW! this is an incredible game!

How many years did it take you to make this?! You know what? If i were you I would put this game on sale, hell, I would buy, I mean whats better than a side-scrolling action shooter like this, I gotta play it evrytime I have free time, you have made NG the best game place ever!

Improvements for #2:
1) Make a boss meter scale to tell how much health he has.

2) Make the missles two times stringer when you have maximum missles and you pick up an <M>.

3) Add a better weapon system, I always graba green when I am going for a blue.

Tip to reader: Get the blue gun, it can wipe out enenies so easilly!

Another tip, how generous of me lol: The blue gun works best with a mx missle amount, so dont feel down if the gun doesn't treat you right!

DBarbarian responds:

I'll keep that in mind

Great Game

Graphics, sounds, everything great. One thing, even expert mode is pretty easy, more levels or more difficulty would make it more fun. Er, and to beat the second boss, stay between the two lazers it fires and then dodge the middle shots, repeat.

DBarbarian responds:

Shhhh, nobody is supposed to know that....


This is the stuff. I finally beat the game, and what a game it was. I loved the music - it was awesome. Actually just about all aspects were awesome. The only things I would change is to make the health bars more visible and maybe make the bosses harder (it'd be cool if there was difficulty settings). I loved the art on the front page and stuff too (even down to the fonts). I'd also make the password one string so you could just copy the whole thing.

Newho... I give it 5/5, 10/10, as well as two thumbs up and a couple toes too.

To other reviewers: Lemme know if I should make a strategy guide - I think there are a bunch, and I was wondering it I should make one, but wasn't sure. (lazkid@telus.net)