Reviews for "Dragonforce"

good job

liked it not something like a ps2 game or whatever but good as ng flash games get

Best Action game on NG

The amazing amount of time that must have gone into this deserves to be on the all-time list.

Graphics: The ships are appropriate for this style of game, and the backgrounds are just amazing. The best ship is definately the stage 3 boss. The planets, stars, etc. are great! And the bullets and explosions... what can I say?

Sound: great sound choices, everything feels right for the actions they and weapons they're used on.

The music is great and feels right, some of the stages I just want to listen to it instead of playing. The best part of the sound, though, is the ability to turn off the music if you don't like it.

Interactivity: What can I say? Its really fun. The controls are easy to learn, and *THEY CAN BE CHANGED* what more can you ask for in a newgrounds game? If you don't feel like you're playing a classic NES/SNES space shooter and loving it... your crazy.

10/10, best flash action game ever!

not bad

good job.

Seriously dude

This does not need to be as big as it is; give some respect to the 56k fools. Unless it does. But try optimising your audio anyway.

But it's very nice - smooth and complex-ish. Good work.

DBarbarian responds:

I had the filesize down to about 2 megs, but the sound quality was horrible.