Reviews for "Dragonforce"


really neat game. if you gave it a few extra touches, added more levels and shoved it all on a CD, you'd have a profitable game! i'd buy it!
it's really hard to continue, though. i just-keep-DIEING!!! however, i have completed the game and i think the endboss was too damn easy and the minions were too damn hard.
hope u read this!


Very hard in Lv.2, but otherwise fair. But same, don't like to start all over again with Lv.1 weapons...

So freaking imbalanced

There seriously needs to be more balance in the power ups. Losing everything and starting like you did on level 1 makes the game impossible. You should start the level after dying with what you started it with in the first place, not one crappy laser.

And why is the second level rediculously hard whereas the rest of the game is easy(if you don't die)?


this game is truely one of the best games i have ever played on ng. well done!!! i got 326 sec for survival

Great review j00bie

truly great