Reviews for "Dragonforce"

((( COOL GAME )))

Cool game, it was not laggy like alot of these are, the ships looked very awsome looking great detail and the explosions looked great aswell, this game is not original though, you need to take it and change it so that its different then the billion of people that send in games just like it, but i was entertained with it, keep up the good work...


i liked it

it was fun, and like bountiehunter said, addictive. The sound, yeah, kinda annoying, but it was good. Wholesome arcade stuff, that's what this world needs. Thank you for bringing it back


well i liked it it has an adective quality the sounds get a bit how shall i put this anouying if ya could like change the back round and music once in a wile it would be a better game than it already is

Fun in it's simplicity

Just a few ideas though; it would be better with stages and different backgrounds and scenery would be nice.


It is the best flash game I have never see!