Reviews for "Dragonforce"

Not bad at all.

Very nicely done. The only 2 problems I have are the lvl 2 boss is crazy hard but not unbeatable. Also dying and starting back at the beginning of the lvl with nothing makes this game very frustrating sometimes. However when I actually beat the game the victory was sweet. Thumbs UP!

This sucks so much

BLAM please. This is so bad. Its too hard even on easy!

That was'nt great...

It was the oldest game I ever played and even on my mobile phone it's cooler!

Pretty good

Pretty good, not your best but damn close, yet I'm getting kinda tierd of these space shooter side-scrollers. If you tried to make this into one like 3D Tunnel then yea, this would be front page AT LEAST for a week

Not great, but not bad either.

It was an ok game, I'd rate it higher than 9/10 NES Games, and at least 6/10 SNES games, actually, its better than ANY 64 game except Zelda... but that wasn't even the same genre so...