Reviews for "Dragonforce"

One control flaw hurts the score

Although you can use Up+Right at the same time to circle right, you somehow are not allowed at all to use Up+Left to circle left. That hurt me considerably.

I also wished there was a "Start From Boss" option as well as the ability to do it traditionally, respawn a life (halving score) from the point of death, instead of restarting, that was a drag.

I always loved these side-scrolling space shooters (like R-Type) as well as the top-scrolling ones ala Raiden. Good knockoff, but as always, add as many powerups and enemies as you can if you decide to make a sequel to this.

This. Is. Hard.

I gave it 3 in humor, because it made me chuckle a couple of times.
6 in violence, because... lots of shooting and LASERS! But overall, i found this game hard. It took me about 6 tries to make it to the lvl 1 boss! I was on beginner difficulty.


Dragon force is the name of a band. :p

woot space games rules

i loved dis game was wonderin did you get the name dragonforce from the power-metal band it would be nice if the ship had more lives and were a little faster...WOO power-metal rules and so on :P

This is fantastic!

Dude!This game rox!My suggestions if you are making a Dragonforce 2 is more levels,more weapons,more enemies and more types of fighters to use.