Reviews for "Dragonforce"

This is Not Dragonforce

Dragonforce will come to your house and beat you for using their great name on such a mediocre game.


not too bad. I miean i liked it i thinkthe controls could maybe be a little bit better but overall it wasnt too bad. But it's defiently not the best space shooter...not even in like the top 10. But its got grrrrrrreat potential. i cant wait to see your next one.

The game is awesome

The power-ups, the missiles, the shield, the enemies, all insane man! Though the difficulty doesn't affect the game so the beginner difficulty is so hard, better make it easy though so it will be fun

Excellent work, a really fun side-scroller!

Good fun, the blue gun pickups rock my socks and 5 missiles = ownage

A good game

My only problem with this game is the fact that there could possibly be a lawsuit over the name (from the English power metal band DragonForce)