Reviews for "Dragonforce"

best space side scroller around

in my opinion best space game on NG. keep it up! and this game was around way before dragonforce released their shit. so quit yo jibba jabba


I agree with the below reveiw

bad sound

you cant have a game called "dragonforce" without "dragonforce" music. god.

Nice one dude

(: I love these sort of games nice and retro no real complaints :)

((VOTED 5))

This game was good. Another awsome space game. I liked how you could have so many weapons at one time and you could upgrade those weapons until every time yoou shoot like the whole screen was filled with bullets and missels and stuff. Some cool enemies to. The only thing bad was that there was no sliding which I think there should have been.

EXTRA COMMENTS: teh space is teh coolness