Reviews for "Dragonforce"

Pretty Good!

This is a fun game to play, a very good side scrolling shooter, with plenty of style of Gradius or R-Type. With plenty of weapons and frantic action, I found this game to be one of my favourites! I just found myself a bit underwhelmed with this game, changing the default controls is a must, they are very awkward to control, perhaps an option of changing controls would be nice. the music wasnt too great, but the graphics are alright.
It's decent, but it's not the best game I've played on NG. Worth playing though!

this is pretty good

hey hey hey! look at this! back when I was a tyke, I loved these type of games. and this one is better then a few of the ones I played. you did a really good job here. keep up the good work. lets alot more like these.


Good and great game!!With an adjust difficult and a nice graphics, its a cool game!!! :D

good game

it's a good game but it's a bit irritating when you die at the lvl 2 boss and then you have to start over with only a laser and red weapon power 1

great game.

this is a great game and this is coming from someone who is very picky about what games are cool.