Reviews for "Dragonforce"

This is it, my friend

Nothing defines having fun with video games more than just controlling a ship and shooting other guys up. The graphics are quite impressive with the fact that it looks CGI to a certain extent. The music is also good with it being quite appropriate for a space shooting game. It is fun to just see the little ships blow up in their red (blood?). I think my favorite powerup in this game is the blue wavy one. It is also a great example of a side scrolling shooting game as many of these kind are viewed from the top or from behind.


I never got tired from this game! Love the music but the link doesn't seem to work...


addicting,but i think you die too fast. try to give it about three lives or something like that, that way the game could last for a decent time. other than that, the game was perfect. btw, you do know Dragonforce is a band, right?

Kinda good

But the upwards diagonal left (hold the up and left arrows) direction doesn't even work- that completely screws the controls over. Other than that it was pretty basic. Poor choice in title too, you should have used something better or at least included some songs by Dragonforce.


I like the idea, but the random enemy patterns are just not working for me. I think this could be made a much more strategic game if you could predict enemy movements and attacks. These guys appear randomly, move randomly, and fire randomly. They drop items randomly. I can't get anywhere because there is no real pattern of movement.