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Reviews for "Little House on the Prairie"


5/5 and 10/10. I love this painting. It reminds me of when I lived in Washington, Montana and Alaska when I was a child.

StudioGiselle responds:

Thank you very much. As a painter, there's nothing more rewarding than having my paintings 'take people' to their youth or other nice places in their memory. I'm glad you like it.

nice job

However, I gave you a 9 because the shading seems to be a bit off, especially around the left side. Keep painting though, your good.

StudioGiselle responds:

Thank you. I appreciate your critique, I don't know who deemed this a useless review because I certainly don't think it useless!
There are several things I see that could be improved upon so that you only think that the shading seems a bit off is a great compliment! The painting turned out much darker than I wanted it to and the colors were not exactly how I had imagined either.

Bob Ross?

One question: did you use the manual or rather video by Bob Ross for this?

It looks a lot like one of his paintings he did to "teach" how to draw.

Nontheless it looks pretty good

StudioGiselle responds:

Nope, no Bob Ross footage was used in the making of this painting. Wouldn't there be a big happy tree living somewhere in the painting if I had :)
Just a question to you though, if I had would it have affected your rating?

Oh my god this is amazing!

This painting is amazingly done. I don't know too much about painting, but I've tried it a little myself and this is amazingly better than 1/100th of anything I could ever even dream of achieving. It looks great, I'd love to see it in person xD. Keep up the amazing art! =)

StudioGiselle responds:

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it :)

Nicely done

At first I thought you did a fanart of Hobbiton from JRR Tolkien. But once I looked at it, I realized it wasn't. But this is still a very nice piece. I like the way you did this.

StudioGiselle responds:

ha ha, I see what you mean about the Hobbiton look, maybe I should try something like that! Thank you for your kind comment :)