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Reviews for "Megaman NES Compilation"

Sweet evil Jesus!!!

wWHOOAAHHhh!! Your talented! I can't even say how good this music sounds. It's incredible! More please thank you. :Djavascript:submission_controller.Ge tReviewController().SaveReview();

woot this is awsome

i love this so much! your music is awsome and never gets old. i have a request though. you should make a marioKart compilation!

Amazing as always

So what if you almost hit the 8MB limit? this is great as it is with without other songs added, whats next? a mario compilation?

EliteFerrex responds:

Err, no guarantee there; Mario songs don't usually transfer to my style very well. ^^;
I'm glad you enjoyed it though.


You took some of my lesser known/liked/heard pieces and made them... simply awesome. Actually made me love Charge Man's theme when I didn't care before. Give this more than a 10, I definitely would. =]

Just.... awesome.

EliteFerrex responds:

That's exactly why I made this. I like bringing old VG songs to a more modern style, partly because I want it to be heard, and partially so I have something to listen to! =D

Very good

You did very well. You made everything transition great, it had a very nice beat, and the songs came together perfectly =D Very good!

EliteFerrex responds:

Thanks! I really tried my best on the transitions. I actually had to change them a few times, because there were a few songs that I originally wanted to add, but later removed.