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Reviews for "Megaman NES Compilation"

wow.... im a nerd... O_o

awsome song, but to explain the summary i was bassicly able to pick out the songs as they began withought even looking at the list.... yeah...lol

EliteFerrex responds:

All the better! I'm glad oyu enjoy it. ;D

The best part starts at 6:10

I love the Wily's castle song. It probably the greatest megaman song. Nicely done sir.

Good job

This is pretty well put together.


Now I was only born into the 4th generation of video gaming (not so familiar with MegaMan until say, 2003, but this is fucking awesome!

Needs more Quickman.

His song is superior to all the others if done correctly.

That aside, sounds good to me.

EliteFerrex responds:

Truth be told, I actually considered Quick Man for this compilation, but decided against his theme because the BPM of his original song was slower then this song's BPM. It was designed originally to be the same speed as Charge Man's, and the other songs all just happened to have the same BPM, or very close to it.

Personally, I like Quick Man, but Skull Man, Tomahawk Man, Blazzard Man, Metal Man, and Napalm Man are my all-time favorites. (And Boomer Kuwanger from Megaman X!) =)