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Reviews for "Megaman NES Compilation"

dood you done it again!

This one is my favorite out of most of your songs. Very nice job on the transions between the songs. The song is perfect. I always liked the classics.

Great Fealing

This is well done and brings back great memories of former 6 bit glory!

Just awsome!

I really like the flow of the songs. I like the songs you picked too. You really should do more of these compilations, like your kirby one!

nice song

it is a great mix, i don't know if you still make remixes but if you do a remix of pharaoman will be much apreciated:)

keep this up, it is thanks to you guys i have my daily music to listen to

Holy Cow!

I was hooked within the first ten seconds of hearing this. The quality is astounding and a lot of effort was clearly put into this. Nice work!