Reviews for "Most Boring Song of all Time"


But, I listened to it... ALL
You are still an amazing guitarist.
I kinda suck :I

But, I still 5ed, because you are CockRider.
4.01 / 5.00 (+ 0.012) =D
I was worth 0.012 :D
Also Cocks and CHOADS!:

10/10 5/5

I probably would have bashed my face in a wall if it was an hour or one riff.
Uhg, thank god its fucking over.

CockRider responds:

Hahaha, I can't believe you listened to the whole thing! Even I can't do that, and I'm the person that wrote the fucking thing!! Haha
Cheers for the words man!


I, sir, am disgusted by this.
It truly makes me sick to my tummy.
I shall now go vomit with this playing in the background, as I wont be able to hear it over the retching, but it will still be playing, so when I return from my bathroom, it will almost be over, and I can pretend I listened to all of it.
Yes, I agree, it is a most devious plan.

CockRider responds:

It truly is the most boring song ever. I could have made it even more boring by having just 1 riff, but that would have made people kill themselves...

good song

the score was like 3.92 and i voted 5 and it went all the way up to 4 O.O

CockRider responds:


One word: Gizmachi.

Gizmachi is a totally shite band I happened across on Myspace, and the dude only put one riff into a 5 minute song. Fucking lame.
Due to you being the greatest guitarist on Newgrounds, I cannot say anything bad about this.
Metal forever, hail Satan, etc, etc.

CockRider responds:

Haha, thanks man, I really am the most awesome guitarist on Newgrounds, this song proves it!


I'm from newgrounds.......

which means I only listened to the first 10 seconds anyways.
I hated it, it was all "metally" and stuff.

Fuck you cockrider.
I had to 5 this, just to prove a point.

Current Score

2.99 / 5.00 (+ 0.30)


CockRider responds:

Hahaa, indeed, extreme, awesome and biscuits!!