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Reviews for "The Chick'n'Chuck Show"


the animation was good aleast...

ending was shit

dude you ruined your movie with a crappy ending...It was funny as hell when he pulled the sign away. but then the big thing about chickens...thats gotta go if you wanna make it big on newgrounds :)

tinyflea responds:

Don't talk shite. The movie ended before the text crap. The text part wasn't anything to do with the movie, I just put it there should anyone be interested. If that takes anything away from your enjoyment of the movie for you then boo fucking hoo.


1. animation was ok
2. sound was crap
3. ending was crap
4. message was crap- the fact that a chicken is at least as inteligent to a cat/dog is completely wrong. and ok, kfc may treat these chickens badly, but people need meat in their diet, cos if u don't eat meat u miss out on important nutrition. and while ur at it, why don't u complain about the millions of rats that are killed every year, after all, u do care about all living things, but wait, if we didn't kill these rats, we'd all be swimming in filth and disease, wh don't u complain about virus's which infect humans, after all they're living things, i know lets make save the killer ants parade!

tinyflea responds:

1. People don't need meat in their diet. (I myself have been on a vegan for 5 years)
2. Rats are a problem because of human waste. Still, at least they have a life of freedom before they are killed.
3. I'm not complaining, I'm trying to inform. You obviously are too pig ignorant and stupid to want to know. No loss, there are plenty of losers just like you, and frankly, I don't give a fuck about you. Now go eat your shit.

me again

1. yes people do need meat in their enviroment, ask any nutrition.just cos u been a vegan for 5 years means nought
2. until u can develop and fund a better system, shut up.
3. i know what im talkin about cos i did a 6000 word essay on it, and ur arguement don't weigh up, and i did that cos i was willin to learn.
4. all ur other stuff is good
5. the only thing i like in kfc is the popcorn chicken (lol at the irony), so u twitched a nerve on me

tinyflea responds:

That has to be the funiest thing I've ever seen on NG. You know what you're talking about because you wrote a 6000 word essay on it. As I said, keep looking and learning...what's one of the oldest way's of life??...hindu???...what's their diet??...

Holy shit...

We don't fucking care about your liberal pussy ass crusade. Personally, I enjoy a nice deep fried chicken from KFC and I don't care how the hell it got on my plate, as long as its hot, juicy, crispy, and tastes like chicken.

You have the talent to be a decent flash artist, but don't go preaching to everyone about your ethics. Its your agenda, not ours.

tinyflea responds:

yeah, fuck off and make another preloader tutorial dipshit.