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Reviews for "The Chick'n'Chuck Show"

But I like KFC...

That was a good movie... the joke was funny, the animation was great. I gave it an interactivity mark because it gives you a message too, but the movie should be longer with more jokes. Good though. Make more!


This is exactly what I've been looking for. I have read up on how chickens are treated and raised and shit like that - it's not a humorus issue, and people need to know about this. I fully agree to promoting this movie, and if anyone blames this piece, they should...just...yeah! that's what. lol (I'll think of an insult...just give me time)


Your ending describing the poultry industry workings might make some people spew their McNuggets...but in all honesty its all about supply and demand.

Here's something else boys and girls you might not know... That bacon and ham you just ate the other day probably came from a pig that was 6 months old at slaughter...Now don't get too upset..on average a market pig will gain 2 lbs a day. So it doesn't take long for Wilbur to go from 30 lbs at 2 months old to 250 lbs when they are about 6 months old.
You gonna swear off meat? Well then swear off every product that has animal by-products in it!
Can I have your Jell-O?

tinyflea responds:

Too true, but them I'm vegan, so I already know all the shit :)

not bad

this movie wasn't bad..I really liked the graphics, but the sound was a bit on the soft side. oh and as for violence towards chickens...no offense, but I don't see a big lion treating its preg nicely before it eats it up...that's just the way the animal kingdom works. either way, the chickens are going to die. that's just my opinion anyway.

tinyflea responds:

It's not the dying that is the matter, as you say, everything dies; but it's the the quality of life that precedes death which is what should be concidered.


it was alrite but i wish it could of been longer..