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Reviews for "The Chick'n'Chuck Show"

Holy fuckin' jumpin' jesus!

I thought i was fucked up, but that was fuckin' sick... Keep up the good work and make a full episode appear here on NG!


now all you have to do is tell the people of NG about how they treat cows. i will leave that up to you to decide because if you know about the chickens im sure you know about the cows like i do. and yes future viewers what he says is true.

great message

i myself are a vegitarian and have witnessed the cruelty to these poor animals and kfc sucks

Damn it, why did i have to watch this

i went on to that website and watched some of the videos, i never realised how shitly treated the chickens were. I'll never be able to eat kfc again =( Nicely done by the way, makes a change for flash to actually mean anything.


The movie was well drawn and funny. Plus you put your point across without shoving it in everyone's faces, forcing them to watch - so you deserve credit for that.

tinyflea responds:

cheers for that...I see we live in the same city...here's to the Brighton NG posse!