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Reviews for "The Chick'n'Chuck Show"


1. animation was ok
2. sound was crap
3. ending was crap
4. message was crap- the fact that a chicken is at least as inteligent to a cat/dog is completely wrong. and ok, kfc may treat these chickens badly, but people need meat in their diet, cos if u don't eat meat u miss out on important nutrition. and while ur at it, why don't u complain about the millions of rats that are killed every year, after all, u do care about all living things, but wait, if we didn't kill these rats, we'd all be swimming in filth and disease, wh don't u complain about virus's which infect humans, after all they're living things, i know lets make save the killer ants parade!

tinyflea responds:

1. People don't need meat in their diet. (I myself have been on a vegan for 5 years)
2. Rats are a problem because of human waste. Still, at least they have a life of freedom before they are killed.
3. I'm not complaining, I'm trying to inform. You obviously are too pig ignorant and stupid to want to know. No loss, there are plenty of losers just like you, and frankly, I don't give a fuck about you. Now go eat your shit.


the animation was good aleast...


Your ending describing the poultry industry workings might make some people spew their McNuggets...but in all honesty its all about supply and demand.

Here's something else boys and girls you might not know... That bacon and ham you just ate the other day probably came from a pig that was 6 months old at slaughter...Now don't get too upset..on average a market pig will gain 2 lbs a day. So it doesn't take long for Wilbur to go from 30 lbs at 2 months old to 250 lbs when they are about 6 months old.
You gonna swear off meat? Well then swear off every product that has animal by-products in it!
Can I have your Jell-O?

tinyflea responds:

Too true, but them I'm vegan, so I already know all the shit :)


The movie was well drawn and funny. Plus you put your point across without shoving it in everyone's faces, forcing them to watch - so you deserve credit for that.

tinyflea responds:

cheers for that...I see we live in the same city...here's to the Brighton NG posse!


now all you have to do is tell the people of NG about how they treat cows. i will leave that up to you to decide because if you know about the chickens im sure you know about the cows like i do. and yes future viewers what he says is true.