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Reviews for "The Chick'n'Chuck Show"


waaaa waaaa call a waaaaabulance for you whining!!
oh no the poooooor little chickens! lol
we eat animals they taste good get over it!
PETA = people for the eating of tasty animals = my interest group


nice movie. hope you make this into a small series.


it was alrite but i wish it could of been longer..

Dude.... just, dude....

I don't give a shit about the content, you could've had something there. Your character designs were impecable! But your voices... no offense, but they were really depressing. I love doing voices, but I can't do flash for crap, so we're pretty much on the opposite sides of the fence. Anyway, pretty good overall, I guess.

tinyflea responds:

send me a link to some of you're voice samples then.

great message

i myself are a vegitarian and have witnessed the cruelty to these poor animals and kfc sucks