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Reviews for "Project: Prime Evil 1"


what was with that number equalizer
i couldnt figure it out
i made both numbers into 160 and nothing happened
then i made both into 90 and nothing happened
then i made both into 110 and still nothing happened
are u suposed to make them both into 100 because i cant figure it out

besides that nice game

im a big resident evil fan

awsome game but how do u get the red ruby?
iv beaten all resident evil games>:)
very good job

CainDesigns responds:

Thanks man, to get the red ruby there is a door that u open but cant go in. its on the 2nd floor. Use the flash light to see the red ruby.


Nice shit man! Keep up the good work!

I...am scared...

This game freaked me out...on a Silent Hill Level...which is pretty big for a flash game. great work.

heeeeeeelp me

im stuck at the clock and you send me a message on how to do it

CainDesigns responds:

Project Prime evil 2 is in the NG alphas.

To find the gear to the grandfather clock you must go all the way back to the first room in the game (the one with the fire place ) there you can take the gear from the clock thats above the fire place. Thanks for the review.