Reviews for "Livestream Jam May 5 2011"

Slieky Cappypuss!!

Slieky Cappypuss is the best character EVER. EVERRRRRRRRR.

I didn't know you even knew about panty and stocking! So fucking awesome!


9 out of 10 for not including ham. luv u

I like it

I like how there is a little bit of everything in this piece one look at it without even knowing you know its a Ego Raptor Original love the colors nice work on it keep on keeping on

I gave this 2 stars for Chill Penguin, and 2.5 stars for Twilight. Awesome drawing, dude; keep it up 'till the day you KEEL OVER. You'll have that bronze statue, yet!

4.5 stars, and 5 in the Portal.