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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

For some reason

This game was some-what interactive. But hey, jar-jar is hell of pimp, why would you make a game killing him!?


what is the total piont of it i mena jarjar binks i mint

not wery exciting

I think Anakyns robot was much more annoying figure in the SW than the gungan. But not this is the matter here, than the lack of options. It would for exemple better if I could hang the poor bastard (like on the picture) and shoot not him, but the legs of the chair.

didnt like it!

its too hard!!

Pretty buggy

Now with the expanding feature, you too can play this game and thoroughly see how mediocre it is! :D

To start off with, there isn't many first person shooters in flash. There is next to none that are fun and allow the player to move about and aim freely. Some people can get it to work right, but mostly, they're few and far between. Especially when it comes to quality. This is one of the bad ones.

This isn't too bad of a simple little minigame. But it isn't much more than that. The aim is the worst part. The gun has a number of predetermined places where it fires, and if you click on a Gungan in certain frames of it's jumping animation, the gun blast will instead fire it's blast upwards where your mouse was. The gungan will die every time. This wouldn't be too hard to get a decent score in theory, but the hitbox for the gungan is pretty much impossible to hit consistently. It's so small, and only gets smaller the further they are distanced, and the gun doesn't even fire in the right direction in the first place. It always fires downwards from the mouse. Oh, and even if you do aim the mouse upwards to actually make one of the beams connect with a gungan, it won't die.

No, you HAVE to click on the gungan. The tab trick does work in this game, but even if you do tab the hitbox, you have to hit it as early as possible. When the gungan starts descending, they can't be hit even if you spray them with lasers.

Pretty much any and all gameplay this game has is freaking terrible. The sound isn't bad at all, and the visuals are exceptional given how old it is. The link to idiotboxTv's site is dead. It's bought out by some ad company, and I suspect it's been dead for years. As is any fun gotten out of this game.

+1 for visuals, +1 for sound, and +1 for effort. Apparently Star Wars Confessions is the Duke Nukem Forever of flash, too. Ah well.