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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

pretty good

28 hits was nothing i got 49 hits. i recomend this game to anybody that likes shoot out games.


But something made this game a bit boring - I think it was the sound and the terrible controls. And plus the fact there was no blood there was just a shitty explosion when you killed a jar jar

Its ok.

the game is allright but the guns aim seems to be alil off you can hardly hit the ones in back.

Could of been more than jumping outta holes.

This game was not the best it could have been.


um, sure...

i understand that this was designed to be short, and was thrown together, so my expectations weren't too high, no offense
my only problems were the difficulty of the aiming, and the fact that you could see the mouse, but it wasn't always accurate
othere than that, it was pretty good for something of this style