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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

Very good overall.

Looking forward to Star Wars Confessions after seeing this.

Funny the first 3 times

I played it about five times. The first three it was funny...but when I kept getting a bad rating it started sucking! LOL. Pretty cool game.


It's about damn time that piece of crap gets what's coming to him, good job!!!

Nice, for a poitn and shoot game.

The graphics were very nicely drawn.

I was getting frustrated from missing those Gungans at times. I would have my mouse right over them and still miss >:(

In my limited time playing, the best I could get was stormtrooper. (with 39 kills) Oh well, they're cool.

Haha, oh, and the Mortal Kombat homage was a nice touch :)

~Seizure_Dog's random quote for this movie~
"Toast please."

I liike him but aside from that,

I like star wars but aside from that, this game is cool!
"If yousa thinka you can beat me...!"