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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

nice graphics, annoying catch phases. what more co

nice graphics, annoying catch phases. what more could you ask for?


ur gun is a bitt of aim but it is funny worth a go!

I thought it was pretty good.

Make sure you hit the bounty hunter in the bottom right when he comes up. He gives you extra time. I got a Jedi Master score. What about you? E-mail me at essentialatom@hotmail.com with your scores then, eh?

haha, alright!

This was very good. I played 3 times with a ranking of jedi master. I dont know what other reviewers were saying... too challenging. It was fun, funny, and at just the right skill level. Hard enough not to get boring after one time, but not so hard it makes you want to give up. good job and keep up the good work.

Its good but kinda hard

Why can't the thing just go up stay there for like 10 sec
so I can shoot him after I'm done with another one???
Its really hard!!!!!!!!!