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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

That was fun

That was a lot of fun. Jar jar Binks sucks. But the popping was predictable, and it was too hard to kill all of them. Make it easier and send a new one. Good Job!

kissa misa ASS

best part of the whole game, pretty good, mindless entertainment, the sounds for when you miss jarjar are pretty funny


Die, JarJar, Die!!

That Was Fun!

Pretty good for a "Jar-Jar haters" game. This is the better looking Assasian games, since it's not a bunch of photo scans and screenshots. The gun takes a while to get used to, though. Overall, it was a fun gun down.

Me like kill jar jar!

Finally a game where you can kill jar jar binks that doesn't suck! Pardon my one liner because that game got me all excited and stuff. I like star wars, but the worst thing that came out for it is jar jar. Good game man, good game.