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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


That's pretty funny, too bad I suck at it.


the graphics are really cool, it must of took ages to make and its really entertaining! a star wars hater dream!

Ha ha ha oh my god that was funny!

Your company's professionalism is way apparent here! The graphics are insane, the Actionscripting as far as aiming goes are dead on, and the whole concept is great! And as much as I love your other cartoons, they tend to get a little drawn out...THIS, on the other hand, I could play for a long, long time!

"This is a little game that we thru together, because "Star Wars Confessions" is taking us a little longer to do than expected.".....wow, I need to learn how to "throw together" a piece of Flash like this! For me it usually takes weeks!


Killer but a few of your buttons were fucked up that is why inter act is only 5. Fix the buttons and you will get all 8-10 from me. I do Have to admit this game did kick ass


I enjoyed this game on so many levels for two reasons: 1) I like shooting games and 2) I HATE THAT FUCKING GUNGAN!!!!