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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

i hate that guy

i hate that guy. what is he? he looks like his parents were a hairless dog and a catfish. and he speaks soooooo anoying. is he ment to be funny?? whell, he ISN'T!!! thank you very much for this game

Good clean Gungan killing fun.

The timer was kinda unnecessary. But, most of all, it was fun.

um, sure...

i understand that this was designed to be short, and was thrown together, so my expectations weren't too high, no offense
my only problems were the difficulty of the aiming, and the fact that you could see the mouse, but it wasn't always accurate
othere than that, it was pretty good for something of this style

ehh so-so

really short. star wars wack-a-mole

Like whacka-mole

It wasn't anything new but it was pretty good none the less