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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

love it

this is one of the better games on NG no douth.
not that i really hate jar jar binks but it is just so fun to gun them all down. and the graphics en everything else rule like hell ....

good job

Cool shit! We all wanna see that guy get it!

I liked the arcade style shooting action, and the graphics weren't that bad either. If any improvements could be made, it would be to have more phrases.


but the little things on the behind are hard to shoot


Great fun!

Great art, love killing that guy!

The artwork is great in this one, and I had alot of fun. 60 kills! Jedi Master...oh yeah, Gungan be dead. Too bad there were not a couple of level changes...scenery changes...that would have been a nice touch. This one is worth checking out.